Condition Guide

Here at House of Cascadia, we love Vintage! That's why we are in this business, we love the history, the stories and the preservation of style and beauty. True art is timeless and we see Vintage MCM furniture design as an enduring example.

And since furniture is not indestructible and vintage means old, its important to set expectations fairly. We aim to only source and sell premium pieces and will draw attention to any glaring flaws in the product description. There is at least some level of restoration to all of our furniture and in our effort for full transparency, we have put together this quick reference guide so that you know what to expect.

Here is how you can expect to receive your item:

Mint: Brand new, never been touched.
Quality Vintage: Might be hard to tell the difference between this and new. Would have to search for flaws or scratches.
Typical Vintage: Finish is new, but the piece has been lived with. Small nicks, indents or light scratches may be found.
Aged Vintage: Finish is new, more than a few light scratches, indents, nicks or a chip or two will be present.  
As Found: Like it implies, this piece has stood the test of time, and has a few battle scars to prove it.

Some important information about the materials used to build the furniture can be found on our page detailing the differences between Veneer and Solid Wood.